To be immersed in life's journey
and expand consciousness

Alexandra Tompkins

Transpersonal Coaching


From wherever you are in the world, we can work together virtually to raise awareness, learn, grow and design a more satisfying life.

I graduated in 1994 as a Psychologist from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá – Colombia. I worked as a clinical psychotherapist and later as a psychologist in both private and public companies. Later I worked as a language teacher and life coach in the United States.

Who I am

I am a student of life, who lives in constant gratitude for the present as it is experienced. I constantly remind myself that happiness is the combination of sweet and bitter experiences. I seek to live consciously, and like everyone else, I have moments of resistance, but I work on them seeing them as opportunities to evolve. I serve life from love, accompanying others in their life processes.

My vocation

As a transpersonal coach I help others through stages of transition and/or crisis. I help you live in the present to consciously generate tangible actions that will allow you to design and live a more fulfilling life.


To be immersed in life's journey and expand consciousness

Our biggest challenge

Our greatest challenge is to love unconditionally. Every time we resist loving, we express it by complaining about others, being victims and suffering (among other emotional reactions). When we take responsibility for what we feel, think and act during conflicts or crises, then we become aware of the scars that open in us, of what we have not healed from our inner child or our family system. So at that moment we have two options: suffer and continue in the circle being a victim or take a break, become aware, take responsibility, work on ourselves, learn, mature and grow, so that each day we work what is necessary so much to love ourselves. ourselves as well as others. And of course, to overcome everything that limits us from deserving a satisfying life and saying yes to life.


Inner child / Family Constellations / Transpersonal Coach / Health Coach / Self-esteem / Couple / Mindfulness / Architecture of Life.

Would you like to talk?

We can begin with a thirty-minute consultation with no charge or commitment. This will allow you to determine if we are a good fit to begin the process.

Please feel free to contact me.

Face-to-face private sessions.
Private online sessions.
Family Constellations in individual (private) face-to-face / online sessions.

IMPORTANT! All information presented on this website is intended for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering psychological advice. Alexandra Tompkins works as coach not as licensed professional in United States. If you need a psychologist or mental health professional, please contact a licensed professional in the United States.

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